Yamuna Gold Yellow Ball
Yamuna Gold Ball

If you are new to Yamuna Body Rolling, this ball is for you. The Gold Ball is considered the starting point for beginners, as well as those who have osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, or are rehabilitating from an injury. The gold ball … Read More

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Yamuna Silver Ball
Yamuna Silver Ball

Once you’re comfortable practicing all the Yamuna training routines on the gold ball, graduate to this harder, denser ball to get deeper into your tissues. The silver ball lets you work individual muscles in more detail. It offers greater intensity, … Read More

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Yamuna Pearl Ball
Yamuna Pearl Ball

The Yamuna pearl ball has the same consistency as the gold ball, but is smaller. Therefore, it sinks more deeply into your tissues for a more intense experience. It’s also good for getting into small or tight areas like the … Read More

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Yamuna Black Balls
Yamuna Body Rolling Black Balls (pair)

The Yamuna black balls are the smallest of all Yamuna balls, which also makes them great for travel. They are a great next step to graduate to after learning all of the basics. These balls are recommended for working your … Read More

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Yamuna Advanced Blue Balls Pair
Yamuna Body Rolling Practitioners Advanced Balls Pair (Blue)

Yamuna Practitioners advanced blue balls are smaller than the black calf balls. They also have the same consistency as the silver ball. They are extremely dense, the hardest of all the ball products. These are only available to those with … Read More

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Yamuna Ball Pump
Yamuna Ball Pump

Most of our Yamuna balls will arrive deflated, so you will need a pump to use them. We have specially designed a Yamuna Ball pump that is small and powerful enough to inflate the PVC plastic balls. This pump is … Read More

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