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Yamuna Save your Middle Back – Yamuna Body Rolling DVD




A complete routine to help you heal and maintain back fitness. Offered in three separate segments, Save Your Upper Back, Save Your Middle Back, and Save Your Lower Back, you can choose to focus on one area, or use all three to treat your back as a whole.

Save Your Lower Back is great for stiff lower back pain, herniated disks, or sciatica. The routine works to connect your abdominal muscles with your spine to support healthy lower back function.

Save Your Middle Back focuses on the area of the body that houses your lungs and heart. The routine will teach you how to strengthen and free that area for improved circulation and body movement. Moreover, you will learn to lengthen and free up your thoracic vertebrae and rib cage.
Save Your Upper Back focuses on your shoulders up to your skull. You will learn to keep this area aligned and create a long, strong, flexible neck with full range of motion. It will help to decompress the vertebrae and relax the tension build-up.
Yamuna Balls for Back: To do the routines, purchase 1 or all 3 DVDs, and make it a kit by adding the Yamuna Yellow Ball or Gold Ball and Yamuna Black Balls.
All balls come uninflated. You will need a Yamuna Ball Pump to inflate the balls.

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Weight .60 kg
Dimensions 19 × 14 × 1 cm