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Taylore Carre's Divine Balance Yoga

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All level group classes, private sessions, workshops and certification trainings to teachers are offered.  

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I don't just help you heal Physical Trauma and Pain.
I give you the tools to heal yourself.

Taylore Carre

Taylore Carre’s ‘Divine Balance’ self-care system is a healthful modern approach to physical wellness.  Taylore offers a unique hybrid of work that produces profound change in the body from the very first session; by combining the ancient principles of Yoga, the therapeutics of Yamuna® Body Rolling / Yamuna® Body Logic, Energetic and Structural corrections through The Voila Method, Neurokinetic® Therapy and the pain relieving hydrating effects of the MELT Method®.

The system improves alignment, calms the nervous system, re-balances and creates stability, relieves pain and stress, prevents and heals injury, improves bone quality and creates a longer, leaner, freer body. 

The routines use specially designed balls, soft rollers, stretch bands and a variety of exercises and Yoga principles to tone and realign the entire body.  Specific hands on work helps to educate and assist in reorganizing the body’s Specialized information and training includes ‘Foot Fitness’ exercises for healing foot pain and misalignment including bunions, neuroma, fallen arches, and ankle and foot weakness.

Meet Taylore

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Teacher, Healer, Coach, Seeker, Liberator

I don’t just help you heal physical trauma and pain. 
I give you the tools to heal yourself.