Group Classes

Group Classes

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You can choose from Class Packages or Individual Classes* these are all Live Online and you must have Experience Rolling to join. 

*Never rolled with Taylore? 

To find out the necessary steps,  like how to order your own Custom Yamuna Ball Kit and Beginner Programs (Body Foundations) and other ‘Starter steps’ prior to purchasing group classes, visit the ‘New Students’ page.


Class Packages

Live-Online group Classes are Intermediate level to find exact class dates- click & SET TIME ZONE below for the calendar  

Monday Nights – 6:30 – 8:30 pm classes start January 9 thru June 26, 2023*

*No Class Holidays: Family Day Feb 20 & Victoria Day May 22

Thursday Mornings 10am to Noon classes January 5 thru June 29, 2023

All Classes are Intermediate level & require you to have full YBR ball kit  

Buy a class package of 4 or more & SAVE $5 off each ‘Individual or Drop in’




Book any length series from 4 to 15 classes

Individual or Drop-In Classes

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